, historical places in Italy

Italian government is taking one big step forward to promote the country’s tourism and is giving away 100s of historical buildings for free. It includes castles, monasteries, houses, towers and other buildings. The country is stuffed with such buildings with no proper maintenance, so the government of Italy decides to convert them into tourist attractions.

Italy is offering such buildings for free to anyone belonging to the country, but the new owners should convert them into tourist attractions. There are around 103 historical building in sale at zero price tags. The country is visited by millions of tourists every year, but Venice and Rome are their only options which are crowded at peak season. Other places haven’t yet grabbed attention of the tourists. Hence, Italy is leasing historical buildings for a nine years lease and for longer terms to those who have great ideas of turning the locals into tourist attraction.

This isn’t the first time the country is offering buildings under free scheme. It has already done it in the past. Businesses and individuals who lease those building have to spent money to convert into tourist attractions like hotels, spas, restaurants, cycle shops and more. The State tourism is hoping this will attract tourists to new places that suffer low tourism.

The State Property Agency and Ministry of Cultural Heritage have come up with such a proposal after a small Italian town Bormida with just 394 people gained mileage when was announced it would offer incentive and low rents to those who move into the town. However, the mayor of the town said it was just a proposal. The incentives are expected to be offered next year.


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