Green Meteorite Exploded Over Mettupalayam

 It is not that easy to capture a perfect shot of a meteor. Though, as per science, nearly 25 million meteors head to Earth each day, they are hardly small and that are not easy to track. Most of them pitch into the Earth at nights, but Prasenjeet Yadav had managed to capture one.

Yadav captured this bright magnificent green meteor by accident when he was asleep. He was exploring the sky islands of the isolated mountains along the Western Ghats as the part of the National Geographic Young Explorers. He was not a professional photographer, though, he set up a time-lapse rig in his Nikon D60, which captured this beautiful bright green meteor over the mountains of Mettupalayam, a small town in Western Ghats of Southern India.

He hails from Nagpur, a biologist, and very conservative about nature. According to him, it is not possible to understand science with just academic papers, if one has to get to know about the science, he has to come out and feel it. He became a nature enthusiast and a photographer as well.

He captured the meteor accidently. He just wanted to take a perfect nighttime photo of the scenic Mettupalayam. So he climbed up to the mountains and camped over there. Before going to sleep, he set up his Nikon D600 to take time-lapse photos for every 15 seconds until 4:30 am. When he checked those thousands of photos the next day, he spotted bright emerald light in some photos. He thought it was a fluke, but later in the day, several astronomers confirmed that it was a meteor.


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